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Sunday 13th December


St Stephen's

Christmas Scavenger Hunt!



Shepherds Bush has so many tales to tell. Come and discover them, follow the trail along the map and see how many clues you can solve!

Tasty refreshments available along the way for purchase, all to support our amazing school. There will also be food available at the end. Take your time to enjoy the trail or see how fast you can go! There are great prizes for both speed and creativity so you decide! We may have a special visit from Father Christmas for teams who complete the trail!

The organisers are working hard to ensure that the event adheres to the regulations but still brings our school ‘together’ at this time. We will embark on the trail in our separate teams, but we are all finding the same stories.

Tickets are just £5 per team and are available on ParentMail.


What is the format?

Buy a £5 ticket on ParentMail, one ticket per team, and show up at the starting point on Sunday 13th at the time slot you have booked (between 12pm and 2:30pm). You will be given a map that has a trail of stars, a star is a clue location. Don’t worry if the clues seem too hard! The map will guide you towards the next star (clue location) where you will see a volunteer - there will be volunteers at each clue location who will stamp the star on your map. The map will also guide you to refreshment stations where you can buy a warming hot choc or mulled wine along the way. Thank you very much to our parents who have volunteered their front yards for this!

Where is the starting point?

A map showing where the starting point is will be given out to the children who bought tickets on Friday the 11th, which is the Friday before the Scavenger Hunt. A number of clues have already been given out about this location, it is something to do with running! It is behind some giant baubles! It is about 5 minutes from BBC Park.

Do the teams start at the same time?

Tickets are being sold in time slots to stagger start times.

How many people can be in a team?

The current regulations say that up to six people from different households can mix outdoors, as this is an outdoor activity, a team could be made up of different households as long as it does not exceed six in number. Of course, the limit of six does not apply within families/households. The organisers are suggesting one ticket per family as one map is given out per ticket, but do feel free to team up with different families as long as your team is not more than six.

How long does the trail take?

It will take roughly an hour, it can take less for the speedy, and longer for people who choose for example to take photos along the way for the photo competition, see prizes section below.

Can I volunteer and still do the Scavenger Hunt myself?

Yes definitely! Like the Christmas Fair, you can do a volunteer slot and still take part. You would be volunteering 30mins to 45mins of your time, your Class Rep is responsible for timetabling volunteers. Book your starting time slot on Parentmail for a time that works with your volunteering commitment, the starting time slots are 12pm - 1pm, 1pm - 2pm and 2pm - 2:30pm. Thank you to those who have already volunteered!


What do I need to do as a volunteer?

Turn up for your half-hour/45min slot at one of the clue locations and stamp maps. We are asking volunteers to wear a little Christmas decoration that they may already have at home to help families identify them as volunteers. You can go as big with this decoration or as small as you want! You will be given the stamps and also at some locations, chocolate coins to give out. Sanne (Year 1) is co-ordinating these materials to hand out to volunteers, Sanne is on 07741 030038.


Yes, but WHERE am I volunteering?

Each Year is in charge of a different clue location, or star, on the map.  All clues are close to the school, although the first two are a little further out.


For those who have volunteered to help at a station, your Class Rep has been told which location you have been assigned to. If you are unsure, do get in touch with your Class Rep or contact Sanne 07741 030038.


I am competitive, how can I win?

A volunteer will write your start time on your map and another will write down your end time. The time will be written on your map when you start and at the last location. Whoever has all the stamps in their map in the shortest time will win. But there are also prizes for the best photographs in each of the three categories: The Past, The Future and Togetherness.

What are the prizes?

We have a wonderful and generous grand prize of a natural family photo shoot and a large fine art print with Emma Hook Photography (value £250). We also have cash prizes for the best photograph per category.

What if it rains on the day?

The organisers are making all the necessary sacrifices to the rain gods to ensure this does not happen.

Special Surprises!

Look out for the surprise volunteers and an appearance by Father Christmas for teams that have completed the trail! For younger ones, Let Father Christmas admire your completed map. For older ones come and buy a tasty drink. You do not want to miss the end of the trail! We have a wonderful large outdoor space. Delicious food and scrumptious treats will be available to buy, any food or drink purchased goes towards helping our wonderful school! There will be Christmas music, bringing on the festive spirit!!

As ever, we need volunteers to help make this a stellar event, so please message Rain on 07738555858 if you would like to lend a hand with ideas, organising or on the day!


Shepherds Bush has so many tales to tell.

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