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Buy your St. Stephen's Hoodie here!

Kiss goodbye to the endless rifling through lost property to find that PE top that was left in the playground and bag yourself a very smart PERSONALISED hoody with your chosen name on the back.  Mr Schumm has even agreed that these can be worn as part of the school PE kit…as if you needed any other reason to snap one of these up!


Please contact if you have any queries. 

Here's what to do:

• Click image of desired hoodie (child or adult)

• Enter required size (see size charts below)

• Write the name you want on the back (keep it short!)

• Write your child's class name at checkout

Orders open from 25th September 2022 until 9th October 2022 ONLY

Estimated delivery - 1st November 2022


Hoodies sizes.jpg

St Stephen's Hoodie - Child (£19)

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