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Thursday 19th May

For one night only, over twenty talented parents, teachers and school staff will be putting themselves in the spotlight on stage for YOUR children.

Please support these courageous souls by sponsoring them.
They need a reason not to back out and to let them know that they are our HERO’s!



How lucky we are to have such professionals in Larry & Isla making the evening run smoothly and introducing each act.They may even give us a song or two….



Fred & Ginger, John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John, Schumm & Whiting. Which classic partnership will they be channelling tonight? You won’t want to miss this dance mash-up which will have you standing on your feet and dancing along!  


Ruff ‘n’ Ready 


Fix up, look sharp and take a ride on the rap rollercoaster.  Mc McInroy and Al Rock will be sure to raise the roof with a rap classic (and the Foss funds whilst they’re at it). Get your beat boxes ready, let’s get ready to rumble…… 



Two of our best known faces become one in this wonderful duet! Their talent will astound you.  Disco, Funk or Soul, they have it all. Let’s get this party started!! 

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Welcome to Motherhood part 2:

Who am I?
She abandons her career to become a mother … yet she faces identity challenges.
Phenomenal woman:
I.Am.      Woman.      Mother.      Lover. 
Creator.     Phenomenal woman!


The St Stephens Sisters

The ladies are back and for one last time, ready for another slick dance extravaganza. They brought the house down last time. , Get ready for The St Stephens Sisters. 

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The Trainer

For one night only, we have our very own Masked Singer, this will surely surprise and delight you as they sing two classics.  But who is behind the mask? Will they ever be revealed? I bet we will all be shouting:
Take It Off!!!

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Bar Team

We are blessed with the most enthusiastic bar team, and boy can we drink the bar dry, but tonight
Mr Bean orders a drink. What could possibly go wrong?? 


Maybe, Maybe not?

Two professional musicians battle it out in their own studios, but the distraction of the other voice is both infuriating and irritating. Will it all end in tears or will they be making sweet music by the end? They will certainly be astounding us with their talent!  If music be the food of love… on! 



We know St Stephens has connections but this is getting ridiculous! You will be amazed to find this guest at our very own Royal Variety Show.


The Arendelladies

Five reception mums turned parody princesses, share their experiences through the much-loved (albeit occasionally overplayed) medium of a Disney song.