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Working at home

Thursday 22nd May
AGM- St Stephen's Hall - 19:30

Welcome back & hopefully you have now left the holiday blues behind and have adjusted back to the school run once again. 

Ever wondered what our PTA also known as FOSS does ? 

Why do we hold so many events and why does it feel that we are always either selling you something or inviting you to one of our events? 

What do we do with all this money we raise and how much did we raise in 2021-2022 year? 

Why does FOSS (Friends of St Stephen’s) play such a crucial and fundamental part our incredible school? 

To answer all of your questions & more, you are invited to attend the AGM on Thursday 22nd September at 19:30. Come for a few drinks, some nibbles, meet new people & see exactly what FOSS does and where your money goes. 

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