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Hands Raised

Welcome to our online boutique!

Used school uniform

Buy good quality, pre-loved items of uniform for all ages (kindly donated by our growing children). 
Buy online and collect from school.
All proceeds go to FOSS.

Pre-loved fashion

Browse for designer and high quality clothes for all ages (all donations from our school community).
Buy online and collect from school.
All proceeds go to FOSS.

Passed-on items

Find a buggy, bouncer, cot, scooter, small bike, larger bike… to take your children from zero to hero! 
By online and collect from the donor.

All proceeds go to FOSS.

St Stephen's Gifts

Buy brand new school merchandise! Think mugs, bags and (coming soon) our new crowdsourced recipe book! 
Buy online and collect from school.
All proceeds go to FOSS.

Inside the St Stephen's online shop

Whether you're after pre-loved adults and children's clothes (designer and high quality), second-hand school uniform, larger items (bikes, scooters, buggies etc.) or gift ideas in the form of St Stephen's merchandise, this is a place where you can browse, buy and donate! 

100% of the money raised here goes to FOSS (Friends of St Stephen's). Our dynamic PTA runs events and activities to benefit the school financially and – just as important – to encourage an inclusive environment where parents, teachers and children come together to give back to the community. 

You can also donate to a new  playground as we transform the current  environment into a colourful and fully functional play space with a range of challenging games and fun learning activities.


How it works


To buy items

 Browse the shop, add items to your basket , pay by card and collect from school, once you have received a text notification. 

To donate school uniform 

Please email with a description of items to donate.

Please bring second hand uniform into the school office and put them in the boutique donations box

To donate fashion items

Please email with a description of items to donate, bring items to school and drop them in the St Stephen's boutique donations box .

To donate larger passed-on items

(bikes, scooters, cots, buggies, car seats etc), please:


Take up to four clear pictures in a square format on a white background such as a white paper/sheet or towel (preferably outside when it's light)

Email us your photos along with a description of your item, a suggested price, your first name and your mobile phone number. If there are any scratches or damaged areas please take photos of these.

If you have any other ideas or questions please contact the boutique team. Thank you for supporting FOSS! Happy shopping!

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